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What Is A Mattress Foundation? (Explained)

January 27, 2022 2 min read

What Is A Mattress Foundation? (Explained)

For a Good Sleep, you Need a Good Mattress Foundation

The Mattress Foundation

A perfect mattress should have a good foundation that supports it. It is important to find one that is the best option for your bed. Keep in mind that foundations are not made the same and some are far superior to others. Some are not made with high quality or the environment in mind.

To get the most out of your mattress, it needs a good foundation. A mattress foundation performs the same function as bed frames and box springs. Many mattresses are matched with certain foundations that are made for certain bed frames. Most often, foundations are made of wood, or a combination of wood and metal, and then covered in a padded fabric that protects the mattress. The foundation matches the dimensions of your mattress, but it may vary in thickness, ranging from 5 inches in depth to as much as 15 inches.

We all spend a significant portion of our lives on our beds. If we’re not sleeping, we’re simply lying down to relax, watching TV, or getting some work done. So, it is important that you provide your mattress with quality support. After all, the better the support the mattress gets, the better job it does supporting you.

Is a Mattress Foundation Necessary?

Yes. It is good for both you and your mattress. Foundations not only help your mattress stay in good shape longer, but they also actually help you sleep better. With the proper mattress foundation, your mattress absorbs impact, is better stabilized, and resists shifting and sliding as you sleep. Also, your weight is more evenly distributed, making you more comfortable, and less likely to wake up sore and stiff.

Your mattress will stay in good shape for much longer with the right foundation. Good stabilizing support for your mattress keeps it from sagging and wearing unevenly. Your bed will stay newer looking and performing for a much longer period.

Choosing the Right Mattress Foundation

Picking the right mattress foundation can be tricky. Start with the company that made your mattress, they may know what is best for it. You’ll also have a good chance of finding the foundation that was manufactured for that particular mattress, and chances are, it will increase the likelihood of the warranty remaining intact. There may even be a good deal on buying them bundled together.

Although buying a mattress foundation from the same company you bought your mattress from is convenient, it isn’t always necessary. You may find one you like better that isn’t from the same manufacturer. It may even be cheaper. Mattress foundations are typically less expensive than mattresses, but they still cost a few hundred dollars, so you may as well get a well-made one and one that is a good fit for your mattress and frame.

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