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Innerspring vs. Pocket Coil Mattresses: What is the difference?

February 29, 2024 3 min read

Innerspring vs. Pocket Coil Mattresses: What is the difference?

At Nature’s Embrace quality sleep is our priority, and nobody knows more about the right tools for the job than our expert staff. In order to secure the best possible sleep for your specific needs, there is a lot to know and understand including the pros and cons of innerspring and pocket coil mattresses. The experienced and professional team at Nature’s Embrace is always more than happy to help you in choosing between innerspring and pocket coil and what to consider, and the following post is here to serve as an introductory guide. If, after reading, you still find yourself wondering which mattress type is better: innerspring or pocket coil please reach out and give us a call. If there is one thing our team loves it is helping guarantee that our customers are set up for the best sleep possible!

The Structural Difference Between Innerspring vs. Pocket Coil Mattresses

To best understand the pros and cons of each mattress type and choose the right option for you, it is helpful to understand the structural difference of each. Innerspring mattresses are also known as spring mattresses or open coil mattresses. The springs or coils in these mattresses are all interconnected. Alternatively, pocket coil mattresses are made up of individual springs wrapped in their own fabric pockets – operating in isolation from one another.

Pocket Coil vs. Innerspring: Which Offers Better Motion Isolation?

Motion isolation or transfer is important to understand when it comes to choosing a mattress. In short, pocket coil mattresses offer better motion isolation. Because each coil is individually wrapped and operates independently of the others, motion does not transfer readily across the bed. This is great if you share a bed with someone who tosses and turns throughout the night. Innerspring mattresses, however, provide a more traditional feel and bounce due to their interconnected springs. For sleepers looking for a more lively feel in their mattress, an innerspring mattress is the appropriate choice.

Innerspring or Pocket Coil: Which Mattress Provides Better Contouring?

If you like the feeling of being hugged and held while you sleep, consider a pocket coil mattress. Again due to the isolation of the springs, pocket coil mattresses will contour better to your body’s shape and provide more targeted support. If you prefer a stiffer feel with universal support around your body, then an innerspring mattress is the way to go.

Price Comparison: Innerspring vs. Pocket Coil Mattresses

In short, pocket coil mattresses are generally more expensive than their innerspring alternatives. If your budget is a top priority, innerspring mattresses are the way to go. That said pocket coil mattresses are also a bit more durable, as innerspring mattresses can sag over time and disproportionately lose their support creating uneven comfort. For some, it may make sense to spend a little extra money for a longer-lasting mattress if it has the comfort they desire.


Reading about mattresses and mattress types only gets you so far. We spend about 1/3 of our life sleeping, and there are major health implications to getting good quality rest. No blog post alone can tell you which mattress is right for your specific needs. We hope this served you as an introductory guide but, ultimately, you should take some time to lay down on a variety of mattress types in person before making the investment. If you have more questions, our expert team at Nature’s Embrace is always happy to help and, when you’re ready, come pay us a visit to lay down on some of the finest mattresses in all of Vancouver.

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