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Become a Brand Ambassador

What we offer our partners

affiliate dashboard

Self service affiliate dashboard to create links, manage coupon codes and track your account.

Cloud media Folder

Access to a constantly updated Dropbox folder with all media assets shown on our website.


200-day conversion window that aligns with the in-depth, infrequent nature of premium mattress purchases.


Competitive commission rates combined with a high AOV.

Product discounts

Additional discounts available when a physical product aides the sales cycle (retail space, short-term rentals etc). Approved on a case-by-case basis.

apply to become a brand ambassador

Our only core requirements for becoming a brand ambassador are that you have an established website, social media account or physical location that can be used to promote our products. Preference is given to operating businesses that align with our sustainable principles and product offerings. However, we are open minded and examine each affiliate inquiry on its own merits. We look forward to working with you.