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The Pros and Cons of Pocket Coil Mattresses

February 13, 2024 3 min read

Buy a Pocket Coil Mattress and this is what it is made up of. There are coils in small sleeves that spring when pressed. Image contains two hands pressing on a coil.

The average human spends about 8 hours each night – or roughly one-third of their life – asleep. Ensuring quality sleep is imperative to live a healthy life, and good sleep starts and ends with a comfortable mattress. Here at Nature’s Embrace, we understand that every sleeper has different needs to ensure deep, quality sleep for each individual. As such, we pride ourselves in having a full inventory of mattress types and understand that analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of pocket coil mattresses and latex mattresses can be a daunting task. This quick guide is meant to provide you with a starting point as you begin to examine your next mattress purchase. Is a pocket coil mattress right for you? Weighing the pros and cons can be a good place to start.

The Pros of a Pocket Coil Mattress

To help in fully understanding the benefits and limitations of pocket coil mattresses, let’s start with the upsides. The pocket coil mattress has a lot to offer, depending on your sleep preferences and priorities. The entire design of the pocket coil mattress revolves around being constructed with individually wrapped coils, ultimately allowing them to adjust separately to all of your pressure points. This in turn provides individual and precise support. Further, because the springs are not connected, there is less motion transfer within the mattress. What that means for you is a reduced impact when someone sharing your bed tosses and turns, gets up to use the restroom, or is on a completely different sleep cycle than you altogether.

Lastly, the individual coils of a pocket coil mattress allow for air to more freely move within. This ultimately creates a cooler bed to lie on which, according to some scientists, is better for deep, quality sleep.

In addition to this added level of comfort, the construction of pocket coil mattresses also leads to an increase in durability. Because each spring is individually wrapped, there is an added level of protection to the springs themselves – extending their lifespan.

The Cons of a Pocket Coil Mattress

You can’t accurately analyze the advantages and disadvantages of pocket coil mattresses without spending some time on the cons. Unfortunately, our biggest disadvantage is the price. Compared to mattresses with interconnected springs, pocket coil mattresses do come in at a higher price point. There are certainly more affordable mattress options on the market but, as sleep professionals, we would encourage you to always put health and comfort first.

When it comes to comfort and sleep preference there are some points to consider for pocket coil mattresses as well. These mattresses have less bounce than most other mattress options. While it still offers a bit, it is not nearly as bouncy as a mattress with interconnected coils. Further, most pocket coil mattresses are highly supportive. If you prefer to sink into bed and be “hugged” by your mattress you may be better suited with another option. One example many of our customers find an ideal compromise is a hybrid that combines the advantages of a pocket coil with those of an organic latex mattress.

Come Talk with one of Our Mattress Experts

Is a pocket coil mattress right for you? Weighing the pros and cons is a good place to start, however, the best way to understand a mattress is to come in and lay down on some. New mattresses can be a considerable investment, no matter which direction you go, and the experts at Nature’s Choice want to ensure you are making the most informed decision possible.

Everybody has different sleep preferences and priorities, and the only way to find that perfect fit is to try out a few options in-store. Please stop by and see us or give our team a call – we’re always happy to help our customers improve the quality of their sleep!

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