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Orgnaic Latex Farm

All our organic Dunlop latex comes from the Kottayam region of India. Situated on the southern tip of India, this area is famous for its natural scenery and rubber farming. Unlike the large scale commercial plantations found elsewhere, latex farming in Kottayam is done on family farms that have been

tended by the same family for generations. This intrinsic connection to the land provides a sense of ownership and environmental stewardship that can’t be replicated. Generational expertise specific to the unique conditions of their farm results in consistent raw latex rubber of the highest quality.

Latex in its raw form (field latex) is a milky white fluid originating from the lactiferous vessels of the Hevea brasiliensis. Raw field latex is a mix of latex, water and natural by-product. The raw latex is extracted from the tree in a process known as tapping. Tapping begins at dawn with a spiral incision just below the previous days cut. The liquid latex slowly drips into a collection cup throughout the day until its collected in the afternoon.

The water and latex content of field latex can vary so the raw latex needs to be run through a centrifuge before it can be converted into a solid foam rubber. This centrifuge process concentrates the liquid latex into a uniform water to latex mix according to strict ISO quality standards. This process also removes many of the impurities (natural by-product) found in the raw liquid. To produce organic latex, the centrifuge facility must also be certified by an organic agency. Our supplier also owns the centrifuge facility to ensure only the highest quality raw organic latex is used in our mattresses.

Now that the raw material is prepared, it’s time to convert the concentrated liquid latex into a flexible foam rubber.


The Dunlop method is the original process for converting liquid latex into a foam rubber.

The Dunlop process begins by whipping the liquid latex into a froth. Once enough air has been beaten into the liquid, it gets poured into a mould where natural soaps are added to turn the froth into a gel-like mixture. The semi-solid mix is then heated under a process known as vulcanization. The vulcanization process is what creates the permanent bonds between the organic latex polymers and completes the transformation into a solid foam rubber. Once cooled, the latex foam is then extensively washed to remove all residual proteins that remain on the surface. Once the latex has cured, each slab is weighed, measured and ILD tested to ensure each piece meets our strict quality control standards.


Most people are aware of the health and environmental benefits of using an organic product but aren’t sure how that relates to getting a better sleep.

Latex foam rubber can be blended with numerous performance robbing materials (such as synthetic latex and filler) so it’s important to ensure the purest possible latex is being used.

The only way to guarantee a latex rubber is free of these performance robbing additives is through GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certification.

Under the GOLS content standard all latex rubber must:

  • contain at least 95% organic latex content
  • not contain any synthetic latex

In addition to the purity and performance standards GOLS standards also includes many other important health and social guidelines.

Some of the other important parameters included in the certification include:

  • VOC and harmful substance testing
  • forest stewardship practises
  • waste and pollution management
  • water management regulations
  • renewable energy requirements
  • living wage guidelines for workers
  • child labour is prohibited 

When taken in totality, no other certification ensures you’re getting the full health and performance benefits that latex offers while protecting the health of our planet, workers and you.


Organic latex is the most supportive bedding material available as evidenced by its unparralleled support factor.

Materials with a high support can be softer without sacrificing support.

The pinhole construction of latex foam rubber allows air to circulate through the mattress, creating a cool, ventilated sleeping surface.

According to independent testing, organic latex is the most durable bedding materials available and can last up to 30 years.


Organic Dunlop latex is 100% natural and is the only foam that doesn’t contain petrochemicals.

The surface characteristics of natural Dunlop latex inhibit the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

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