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10 Key Things You Need To Know About a Latex Mattress

February 07, 2022 3 min read

10 Key Things You Need To Know About a Latex Mattress

Ensure You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

For those looking for a better night’s sleep, a Latex mattress is becoming a popular option. Still, not as commonly known as other mattress types, they are more misunderstood.

Once you learn more about them, you’ll understand their special qualities. If you are considering a new mattress as a way of getting a better night’s sleep, consider an organic latex mattress in Canada. It may be just what you need.

Learning About Latex Mattresses

Latex is resilient:

By its very nature, a latex mattress is more resilient to wear and tear. Since the design is uniform, there is no one point of failure like a coil mattress. If properly cared for, your latex mattress could last for well over a decade, one of the longest lifespans in the industry.

Several varieties of Latex Mattresses:

There are several varieties of latex mattresses, just as with other mattresses. The first distinction is between natural and synthetic latex. At the top-most level, there is the natural latex mattress. Then there are the hybrids, which mix natural and synthetic latex, to bring the cost down a bit. In terms of manufacturing, the two main types of latex are Dunlop and Talalay. Dunlop is the firmer of the two and Talalay provides a little more bounce.

The latex hybrid:

Latex mattresses can be mixed with other types. A mattress with a top layer of latex material and lower layers of polyfoam or coils is a latex hybrid. This solution brings the cost down while maintaining some of the advantages of latex. This is a popular alternative to a full latex mattress, mostly because of the savings. As innerspring mattresses have limited motion isolation, a hybrid mattress does sacrifice some of the benefits of a pure latex bed.

Is latex hot? It’s not:

Contrary to the clothing reputation, latex mattresses are not hot to sleep on. The fact is, they are actually cooler than other mattresses like memory foam, which tends to trap heat. The latex mattress's “open-cell” design keeps air circulating, so for those who overheat in their sleep, this is ideal.

A whole other Latex:

We have all come to make associations with latex because of its use in certain types of clothing and medical gloves. The fact is, this is a whole other kind of latex than the latex that is used in clothing. It is far different. It is important to start fresh with the way you think about latex. Think of the inside of the mattress as a giant supportive sponge with a great memory, softly pushing in response to pressure while offering support as you sleep. It appears to be very much like any other type of mattress, but it performs so much more effectively.

100% latex is hypoallergenic

Since people are increasingly susceptible to allergies, more of them are looking for hypoallergenic sleeping options. 100% natural latex mattresses are hypoallergenic. Since natural latex is made from rubber trees, they contain no petrochemicals. If this is a concern, make sure you check your mattress type for any synthetic allergens.


Latex mattresses provide an excellent level of natural support. By its very nature, latex is an elastic material, that reacts to your body’s weight and shape, and maintains a gentle “push” that supports you while you sleep.

The sound of silence:

Latex mattresses are nearly silent. With other types of mattresses, moving around can also cause noise. With coil mattresses, springs can squeak. Latex mattresses may make an ever so slight spongy sound, but certainly not any rubbery-like squeaking. So you won’t be awakened by the noise.

Motion transfer:

If your bedmate tosses and turns in their sleep, and you currently sleep on a coil mattress, you know about the effects of motion transfer. When they roll, you roll with them. With a latex mattress, it keeps its shape outside the area of direct pressure. With innerspring or spring hybrid mattresses the motion transfers across the entire bed.

With mattresses, you get what you pay for:

Organic natural latex is going to cost more, the price of high-quality. There are cost savings to be had by purchasing synthetic latex mattresses, or hybrids containing layers made from other materials.

If you are ready for a great night’s sleep, check out a natural latex mattress.

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