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What is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination?

April 25, 2023 2 min read

What is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination?

As providers of the best latex mattress in Canada, the experts at Nature’s Embrace are well-versed in the world of healthy sleep habits. In recent years the idea of revenge bedtime procrastination has risen to the forefront and, while you may not be familiar with the phrase, we’re sure you are aware of the phenomenon. In short, revenge bedtime procrastination occurs when you postpone sleep in exchange for extended leisure time. No matter how many hours of sleep you feel you need, you end up staying awake doom scrolling on your phone, binge-watching television, or paging through your favorite book.

The fact is your body needs actual sleep, and procrastinating your bedtime for relaxation is doing more harm than good. No matter if you have the best latex mattress in Canada or how comfortable your Dunlop latex mattress topper is, it won’t be doing you any good if you’re not actually sleeping in it!

Causes of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Everybody is different, but generally speaking, there are a few common causes for this sleep-avoidance phenomenon. If you are a procrastinator in your daily life, chances are greater that you will procrastinate sleep as well.

Additionally, if you feel the need for extended stress relief these hours most easily come in the evening time when one could be getting ready for bed. Seeking ways to mitigate stress without compromising sleep is a key to healthy living.

At the end of the day, people are left to their own devices. The self-imposed rules they have in place to stay productive during a workday are often thrown out the window which, in turn, can create bad habits that often impede sleep. For example, if someone vows to not look at their phone during the work day the feeling of needing to “catch up” after work can easily bleed into bedtime.

Tips to Prevent It

Thankfully, preventing revenge bedtime procrastination doesn’t take much. Sure you can buy a latex mattress, but ultimately it will be your habits that need to change. Reducing daytime naps and sticking to consistent waking and bedtimes will create a routine for you to hold yourself accountable for.

Additionally, staying away from stimulants during the later hours of the day will help you ease into sleep. In 2023, technology can be considered a stimulant as well and the experts at Nature’s Embrace would recommend trying to put all screens away for at least an hour before bed.

Finally, bedtime should be something you look forward to! Remove distractions from your bedroom and create a sacred space dedicated exclusively to rest. Get the best latex mattress in Canada and/or a Dunlop latex mattress topper and create a bed you are eager to crawl into every night!

Let Nature’s Embrace Improve Your Sleep Quality

Once you have established a strong sleep routine to kick any bedtime procrastination habits, let Nature’s Embrace step in to improve the quality of your sleep. Our organic mattresses will have you floating on a cloud while providing all of the support your body needs to wake up energetic and refreshed. Give our team a call to learn more about our products, discover which may be right for you, or buy a latex mattress today!

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