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Summer Sleeping Tips

July 14, 2022 3 min read

Summer Sleeping Tips

It Can Be Tough to Sleep Well in the Summer

What’s not to like about summer? Warm temperatures and sunnier, longer days make for a great time for recreation and fun, but the temperature and the longer days come with consequences. It isn’t as conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy the season without disrupting your circadian rhythm. It is important to maintain our body’s pattern of waking and sleeping during summer months. A big part of that is how the body signals itself that it is time for sleep.

When it is time for sleep, your body’s internal temperature drops, signaling your brain that it is time for sleep. When the temperature stays hot, it is more difficult for your body to do this. It is even more difficult when humidity plays a role.

Another disrupting signal is sunlight. The further north you are during the summer, the longer the days. This might be better for fitting more into a day, but not so great for fitting in more precious sleep. Making the most of your vacation might just be determined by how much of it you spend sleeping.

If you make some modifications, you should be able to stick to your sleep patterns. There are some good strategies that will help with this.

Some Tips for Better Sleep in the Summer

Sleep naked

Pajamas do trap heat next to your body, disallowing you to cool down, which signals the brain to sleep. You should either find some pajamas that are light and breathable or sleep without anything on.

Sleep alone

When someone else is in your bed, they contribute their body heat. If you sleep alone, you have a much better chance of finding those areas of the bed that are cooler, instead of someone wanting to snuggle.

Sleep position

Do you tend to curl up in a ball when you sleep? You may be sleeping in a position that makes you warmer. Try spreading out. By doing this, your body releases more heat instead of retaining it.

Keep ice water nearby

Drinking cold water can lower your internal temperature. Keep a glass or bottle of ice water by your bed, it’ll cool you down. You can always take a sip at night if you start getting too warm.

Cool down your bedroom

You might try keeping your bedroom at about 18.3 Celsius. You could also use a fan for better air circulation. Additionally, you might consider investing in your sleep by buying bedroom products designed to keep things cooler, such as pillows, sheets, and a cooler mattress.

Take a cold shower

Showers are therapeutic. Cool showers are perfect before bed in the summer, it lowers your body temperature, and you are also cleaner when you slip into the sheets after a longer, hotter day. A shower is also a good way to relax.

Keep it dark

Choose “blackout” curtains on all bedroom windows. During the summer, the sun can rise as early as 5am. Hanging sun-blocking shades also keeps your bedroom cooler both day and night.

Your Mattress May Have a Lot to Do with It

A natural latex mattress is a great choice for sleeping cooler. Natural latex has an open cellular structure that provides a cooler surface to sleep on. Cool air can flow through your mattress as you sleep.

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