Whether you’re a side, back or stomach sleep Nature’s Embrace has a healthier pillow option for you. Pillows are in an important, but often forgotten, component of any sleep system. Maintaining the correct head and neck alignment for a restorative sleep can’t done without a properly fitted pillow.

Our organic latex pillows come in three variations to suit any sleeping style. Our shredded latex pillows are the highest loft of any of our latex pillow options. Shredding the latex allows for a unique feel and customization that’s not found in any other latex pillow. Contour pillows are shaped to support the head and neck. Depending on your sleeping style and body composition, you can use the high or low end to find the right fit. Our soap pillows have a standard shape. They are the best option for those looking for a healthier pillow in a shape you’re more familiar with.

If you’re a little more adventurous, our organic buckwheat pillows provide unparalleled customization combined with exceptional breathability