Pillow l Latex & Buckwheat l Nature's Embrace Latex


Nature’s Embrace takes the quality of your sleep very seriously. That’s why we’re consistently expanding our range of products — to deliver a blissful sleeping experience, crafted with the finest materials and embellished with the authentic Nature’s Embrace all over.

Explore our selection of handcrafted pillows, which provide top-notch comfort coupled with luxurious support, all encased in a organic cotton cover — the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep.

Organic Latex Pillows

Enjoy a distinguished level of comfort and softness with our organic latex pillows. Carefully crafted from the same high-quality organic latex used in our mattresses, our latex pillows are available in three distinctive shapes that cater to the needs of different sleeping styles.

If you’re looking for customizable support and comfort, look no further than our shredded latex pillows, which have been specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of different sleepers. If you want a pillow that provides exceptional head, neck and spine alignment, our contour organic latex pillows will be an excellent match. For a more traditional feel and shape, choose our soap pillows, which artfully combine comfort without compromising on support.

Encased in a soft cotton cover, our organic latex pillows are the pinnacle of great design and craftsmanship.

Buckwheat Pillows

Meet our buckwheat pillows — made for the bold and adventurous sleepers. Unique in shape and composition, these pillows are filled with organic buckwheat hulls that have been ethically sourced to ensure the end product is environmentally friendly. As the hulls interlock inside the pillow, the shape effectively adjusts to the contours of your head and neck, maximizing support in all the right places while also providing top-notch comfort.

Nature’s Embrace buckwheat pillows come in a variety of sizes and are available in different fill options. Crafting perfect sleeping experiences has just gotten easier.

With Nature’s Embrace collection of pillows, your unique needs will be catered to successfully. Choose from a range of different fill options and sizes to create the perfect pillow and enjoy a blissfully restful sleep every night. Our covers are also entirely customizable — pick a breathable cotton cover, a cozy wool-quilted cover, or a silky-soft Tencel cover to go with your selected fill option.

Need help finding the perfect pillow? Reach out to our helpful customer support to find out more the benefits of latex versus buckwheat and get pointed guidance on how they can improve the quality of your sleep.