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Our Commitment to Sustainability

August 23, 2022 3 min read

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Image source: Shopify

Nature’s Embrace Latex Mattresses is so committed to sustainability and establishing ways to offset the carbon footprint, that we have signed up for the Shopify Planet App. This app allows us to offer carbon-neutral shipping and allows our customers a very crucial peace of mind.

Part of getting a good night’s sleep is about resting assured that you have done your part to maintain a healthy planet. It is only fitting that our purely organic product is in line with the ideals of sustainable shipping. When you believe in something this strongly, it shows in everything you do.

The Shopify Planet App

The Planet App takes the lead with the simplest and most effective way for Shopify merchants like us to provide carbon-neutral shipping. This is also a way we can consistently support technology that is utilized for maintaining a healthy planet.

Planet features a seamless workflow, used directly in Shopify admin, and its continually updated technology works with the latest themes. The Planet App is also speed tested, which means it will have no impact on your online experience.

Planet is an app unlike others in that it focuses on carbon removal, instead of offsetting carbon with forest protection, for a more immediate effect.

How We Benefit from Planet

We are finding that our customers stay loyal to us longer because our commitment to sustainability is clear. Being sustainable is about thinking ahead to improve the world and be able to hand off a clean environment to future generations. We are quite honest and upfront about our ongoing commitment to sustainable, carbon-neutral practices.

As our company continues to use Planet, the more of an impact we will see. The dashboard will show us how much carbon our orders have removed and shared with us the significance of that removal.

Each month, Planet calculates our shipping emissions and charges us based on our subscription plan, the shipping distance, the package weight, and the mode of transportation. The money goes toward carbon removal and always ensures that our shipping is carbon neutral.

Thanks to Shopify Planet, our efforts go further than offsetting emissions. By directly funding accelerated and innovative carbon removal technology, we can help remove the carbon already in the sky.

The goal of carbon-neutral shipping is to remove carbon from the atmosphere in a scalable manner and then store it safely for long periods. Companies like Nature’s Embrace Latex Mattresses are driven and influenced by some of the most innovative minds in the world and are making Earth-changing contributions to our societies.

Planet is Important

We are pleased to hear that Shopify research indicates that 44% of customers buy from brands that have a clear commitment to sustainability.

For global temperatures to keep from increasing beyond the 1.5-degree Celsius threshold laid out by the Paris Agreement. Failure to do so will result in a possible worse scenario for climate change. The world needs to have zero emissions by about 2050 and we are trying to play our part in all parts of our supply chain. Stored carbon needs to be actively removed from the atmosphere.

At Nature’s Embrace Latex Mattresses, carbon-neutral shipping is just part of who we are.

Buy a Latex Mattress Online from Nature’s Embrace Latex Mattresses, a Carbon Neutral Company

With a big inventory, affordable prices, and helpful staff, Nature’s Embrace has become the premier place to buy a new organic latex mattress. Contact us online or by phone and improve the quality of your sleep, resting easy knowing you have not increased your carbon footprint. For the best sleep solutions across Canada, try a Nature's Embrace Latex Mattress.

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