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Spring Cleaning Tips for Refreshing & Organizing Your Bedroom

February 22, 2022 3 min read

Spring Cleaning Tips for Refreshing & Organizing Your Bedroom

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bedroom

Preparing for Spring

You can feel it. You can almost taste it. The season of renewal and a fresh start is soon approaching. There’s a smell in the air, and time to dust off the inside and invite the air from the outside into your home.

Spring cleaning can either be a burden or a long-awaited blessing. Either way, this new season signals everything to reawaken and be refreshed. We’d like to offer some helpful tips for making all this cleaning and clearing more a rejuvenating experience, instead of being overwhelming.

Spring Cleaning

Start with a checklist ahead of time. Like most tasks you face, creating a more methodical way of working through it can provide a feeling of accomplishment and minimize the chaos. This is a good way to accurately assess what will be needed. Following that list will also help you make sure that all the chores are completed.

Tips for a Fresh Bedroom and a Refreshing Night’s Sleep

Pace Yourself: Our tendency is, to begin with, a frenetic sense of urgency. Unfortunately, this typically ends with exhaustion and a less productive job. This is not a race. Take it to step by step and take more than a day. Sure, it is sort of counter-intuitive to end the day with an incomplete task but readdressing the task on a new day also brings a fresh perspective.

Have you noticed how picking a task to perform usually reveals several tasks you need to perform before you address the task you initially wanted to perform? The whole point is to simplify, not create a daunting mess. So, pulling everything out to weed through may be too overwhelming.

Get in the Habit: It's sort of like exercise. Do you know anyone who tries to get back in shape in one or two days of exercise? Well, addressing spring cleaning is sort of like that. It’s better to be on a regular schedule to keeps things manageable, and it is a good discipline. A regular chore schedule helps you avoid those massive build-ups that require a more major effort, and you have a better chance of keeping your space clean year-round. Cleaning as you go is a good rule.

Address the Dust and Assess Supplies: Surface cleaning includes dust bunnies. If your dust bunnies are starting to look like tumbleweeds, spring is a good time to get at them as they roll across the floor under your bed. It is also a good time of year to conduct an audit of your cleaning solutions and supplies.

Staging and Storage: Things like seasonal clothing can be stored when not in season. This keeps your closet simpler and there is less to sort through as you dress for warmer weather. Vacuum sealed space bags are a good solution.

Workspaces: Now that more of us work from home, you might create a workspace that is free of bedroom clutter. Since many of us have made this shift, we have struggled to avoid distractions. Build a workspace with no distractions.

Other Things to Consider: Spring cleaning is about ridding yourself of old things and old ways and starting fresh. This includes all those artifacts that keep us reliving the old ways. Get rid of the junk. This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the act of decluttering. This is a chance to simplify. This is a fresh start for all of us.

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