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Our Organic Latex Mattresses Explained

June 22, 2020 4 min read

Forest View

We all need to sleep.

In fact, it’s the only time of day (or night) when we are truly only focused on ourselves. This is why Nature’s Embrace mattresses are designed solely with your comfort and relaxation in mind.

By combining scientific innovation and traditional craftsmanship, and making use of natural materials, Nature’s Embrace has come up with a wide array of organic latex mattresses made to provide proper lumbar support and utmost comfort for deep, uninterrupted sweet slumbers.

Latex Mattresses vs. Organic Mattresses

Known for being one of the choicest mattress construction materials around, latex remains a popular bedding material because of its natural softness, support, durability and breathability. Latex has an open cell structure, which allows for efficient heat retention and cooler, sound sleep. It is generally used in luxury mattresses within the support core or comfort layer.

At Nature’s Embrace, we produce both latex and organic latex mattresses. Both these products use the same high-quality organic Dunlop latex material with the difference only being the cover. In order to pass Canada’s stringent mattress flammability standards without the need for additional fire retardants, our latex mattresses use a cellulose fiber blended with polyester.

Meanwhile, Nature’s Embrace organic mattresses are covered with a 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) quilted with PureEmbrace Joma Wool®. This special type of fabric is a blend of crossbred wool fibers — thereby ensuring a pleasant natural bounce, incredible softness and volume.

Nature’s Embrace mattresses also feature a super adaptable, durable core that’s guaranteed to provide optimum support, even if you and your partner have a big height difference. Its construction ensures that weight is well-distributed and your body gets the support it needs for maximum comfort.

Hevean Signature Series vs. Classic Series

Nature’s Embrace mattresses fall under two distinct categories: The Hevean Signature Series and the Classic Series. To help you select the appropriate mattress for your needs, let’s go over each type below.

Hevean Signature Series — comfort in your hands

Nature’s Embrace organic latex mattresses falling under the Hevean Signature Series are customized according to your unique requirements. Each organic mattress is made from Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)-certified latex — an assurance of its superior quality. This means it contains no synthetic latex and artificial materials so you can experience the pure joy and luxury only organic latex is known to provide.

With the Hevean Signature Series, you get to decide on your level of comfort by choosing from a number of unglued loose layers of 2-inch organic Dunlop latex encased in an organic cotton sleeve. The individually wrapped layers you choose are further enveloped in a top-zippered cover.

Of course, we’d be happy to assist you in finding the most comfortable combination of layers to meet your individual needs. But what’s great about the Hevean Signature Series is that it comes with a 120-Day Comfort Guarantee. This means you have the opportunity to swap layers until you find the most desirable combination for you. 

What’s more, if you find yourself needing to replace a layer or two in the future, we’ll replace those layers at a discounted rate we know you’ll love.

The Hevean Signature Series is ideal for those who want a precise level of firmness or a certain degree of softness in their mattress. So, treat yourself to this special mattress series because it’s not just a tool to ensure you get the quality sleep you need. It’s also an investment in your health and wellbeing.

Classic Series — support that’s tried and tested

The Classic Series is the traditional premium organic latex mattress offering of Nature’s Embrace. The layers are bonded together the way classic mattresses are constructed, so you can’t change the way a mattress feels when you test it.

Our master mattress craftsmen use traditional techniques and natural materials to ensure each product provides the right amount of softness and firmness for all body types. All mattresses in the Classic Series category are also made of GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex that’s known for providing the utmost in terms of support, comfort and bounce.

Each Classic Series mattress has a 6-inch solid core of organic latex guaranteed to provide a firmer overall feel. Thicker options (8-inch and 10-inch) have additional comfort layers that give each mattress a softer feel. But if you’re purchasing mattresses for your kids, the 6-inch is usually the most suitable.

A mattress that’s uniquely yours

Whichever type of Nature’s Embrace mattress you choose, you have the freedom to get more firmness or softness either way.

With our Hevean Signature and Classic series, you can narrow down your choice further to either the Latex or Organic type based on the indentation load deflection (ILD) that best represents the firmness or softness you desire in your mattress.

At Nature’s Embrace, you decide on your priorities and needs when shopping for your perfect mattress. You can look around and try our mattress out based on the size and comfort you want or your sleeping style. You can also take the easier route and simply decide between our Hevean Signature and Classic series.

Of course, we’re always on hand to assist you with your needs and give suggestions based on your specific requirements.

Nature’s Embrace — an assurance of quality

It’s easy to take choosing a mattress for granted because, for most people, it’s just the place they flop down on at the end of a tiring day.

But remember, your bed is the place where you sleep — the only time when your body heals, recovers and renews itself to ensure you wake up alert and refreshed the following day.

Choosing the best mattress is serious business. So, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to ensure you get good-quality mattresses that guarantee maximum comfort, support and durability.

You get all these and more with Nature’s Embrace mattresses.

If you’re shopping for new mattresses, please get in touch with us or schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms. It’ll be our pleasure to assist you so you’ll get the best quality sleep you deserve.

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