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How to Make a Cozy Bed

March 20, 2023 3 min read

How to Make a Cozy Bed

Your own bed is your safe private retreat to relax. There is no place that is more comfortable and intimate. Many people consider their bed to be a sanctuary from the world, whether you watch TV, read, or dream, you can turn your most cozy place.

A cozy bed is about more than a mattress. There is actually quite a bit that goes into creating it. Your mattress is critical, but that’s not all of it. From sheets, bed frame, pillows, and mattress topper, they all contribute to the experience. If each are high-quality, then the overall comfort level will also be high-quality.

Your health and well-being start with a comfortable bed. You can either build your cozy bed from scratch or upgrade your current setup. Either way, improving the quality of your bedding is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

Some Tips for Achieving the Bed You’ve Always Dreamed of

The bed frame:

A good bedframe is as important to a mattress as a solid foundation is to a house. Although you don’t come into direct contact with it, its impact on your comfort is significant. Choosing the right bedframe is right up there with choosing the right mattress. It is always good to start with a foundation and build from there.

The mattress:

Most of us spend as much as one-third of our lives in bed. It is a very significant place for all of us. Selecting the right mattress is important for our over-all health. Being comfortable and rested don’t necessarily mean a soft mattress. Although a good mattress gives in the right places, it also supports in the right places, and mattress firmness is a personal preference which differs for everyone. Airflow and keeping cool are other issues that contribute to comfort. Since the body tends to warm up when sleeping, many people prefer a mattress that helps them stay cool, like an organic latex mattress.

The mattress topper:

A great way to add a layer of comfort is with a mattress topper. Dunlop latex mattress toppers don’t just provide extra cushioning, they also provide extra support. The cost of adding a topper to your bed is nominal and the benefit is significant. A high-quality topper can transform your bed into that extra level of comfy.

The pillows:

Pillows can be the difference between relaxing slumber and a restless night. You may like a bed full of pillows and that might be an enticing way to fall into bed, but here again, people have different requirements, and pillows can accommodate different positions. But whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, two organic pillows typically provide the perfect comfort and versatility.

The extra level of comfort:

Once you’re ready to go beyond the basics, add those special extras to accommodate your personal preferences. Blankets make all the difference, from duvets, heated blankets, and weighted blankets, to quilts and throw blankets.

The sheets:

The most critical comfort level is determined between the sheets. This is where personal preference really comes into play. Choose between percale, sateen, or flannel.

The throw blanket:

Throw blankets are perfect for a quick nap. They come in a variety of materials and weaves. Keep them folded at the end of your bed and wrap yourself up into a cozy cover without having to get all the way under the covers.

Nature’s Embrace Latex Mattresses Are a Great Start to Creating a Cozy Bed

Make your high-quality Nature's Embrace Latex Mattress as cozy as can be. You already have a great start at quality comfort, so you’re nearly there. You can also rest easy knowing our all-natural latex mattresses in Vancouver are good for the environment. Contact Nature’s Embrace Latex Mattresses online or by phone, for the best natural organic latex mattresses in Vancouver and across Canada.

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