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5 Reasons To Choose A Latex Mattress Topper

January 06, 2022 3 min read

5 Reasons To Choose A Latex Mattress Topper


On average, humans spend about one-third of their life sleeping and each one of these hours is absolutely critical to health and happiness. With such a significant chunk of time spent horizontally, you should take your sleep and sleep kit seriously. That’s where Nature’s Embrace can help. Adding a Dunlop latex mattress topper to your mattress is an excellent and affordable way to increase the comfort and quality of your sleep. A Dunlop latex topper is a more comfortable, durable, and luxurious option when compared to competitors, and if you buy a latex mattress topper from Nature’s Embrace there is the added benefit of our toppers being made with all-natural and organic materials. Unsure if natural latex bed toppers are for you? Below are five ways our Dunlop latex topper can help!

Extend the Life of your Existing Mattress

Quality mattresses are not cheap, and customers are always looking for ways to extend their lifespan. Rotating, flipping, and shampooing your mattress are all good habits, but by simply adding natural latex bed toppers to the beds in your home you will be doing yourself a major favour. The integrity, durability, and cleanliness of the underlying mattress will all be protected with the easy and affordable addition of a pure latex mattress topper.

Your Mattress is Old

Most mattresses reach peak comfort after a few years of use before they start to decline. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to replace their mattress once it turns a corner and becomes a little more uncomfortable. Cue the dunlop latex topper. A pure latex mattress topper is a great way to breathe some life into your old mattress and return it to its original comfortable self.

Your New Mattress is Too Firm

It is nearly impossible to get an honest feel for a mattress by simply laying on it in the store, and oftentimes customers won’t recognize that their new purchase isn’t exactly as they imagined until it is too late. If you purchased a new mattress and it is too firm for your liking, adding a pure latex mattress topper is an easy fix. Toppers come in different thicknesses, and you can purchase one to address your specific problem. For example, 1inch toppers are great for minor problems whereas a 4-inch latex mattress topper can best address more severe comfort issues.

Memory Foam isn’t What You Thought

Similar to a mattress being too firm, memory foam isn’t for everybody and that isn’t necessarily something you will discover by laying down in the store. If you no longer appreciate how memory foam cradles your body and absorbs you into the mattress, natural latex bed toppers can combat this. Adding a 4-inch latex mattress topper to your memory foam mattress will eliminate much of the sinking feeling from your existing mattress.

Your Mattress is Too Hot

Many mattresses do not have great air circulation capabilities and thus retain heat very well. Unfortunately, that means some mattresses can be uncomfortably hot. Natural latex bed toppers promote airflow and circulation and will allow for heat to escape creating a much more luxurious night of sleep.

Quality sleep is essential for health, and Nature’s Embrace is here to help our customers maximize their nighttime hours. Give us a call today with any questions you may have about natural latex bed toppers or pay us a visit to fully discover how we will improve your life one hour of sleep at a time!

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