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Mattress Sizes

How big is a Queen size bed? How big is a King size bed? A new latex mattress is an investment in yourself and choosing the right mattress size for your space and lifestyle ensures you’ll be getting the most out of your new mattress.

We have listed the most common mattress sizes plus some of the more unconventional ones at the bottom. We have also included brief outlines for each mattress size to help you make an informed decision.

Due to the inherent physical properties of organic latex rubber the actual finished sizes may be plus or minus an inch from the standard mattress sizes listed below. Mattress sizes can also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

King Mattress

A King mattress (76” x 80”) is most commonly used by two people and is the largest of all standard mattress sizes. King mattresses are the equivalent of two Twin XL mattresses and is the best bed size for minimizing disturbances from your partner. A King size mattress may not be able to fit in though narrow hallways or staircases due to it’s large size.

King Size Bed Dimensions

 King Size Mattress Dimensions

Queen Mattress

A Queen mattress (60” x 80”) can fit into most spaces, and comfortably sleep one or two people, making it the most popular bed sizes Canada. If you’re trying to decide between a Double and Queen size mattress you may want to consider future needs as a Queen is a much more comfortable bed for two people.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions

 Queen Size Mattress Dimensions

Double Mattress

A Double mattress (54” x 75”) can also be known as a Full mattress. Double and Full are interchangeable terms used to describe the same size. Although the term “Double” implies a mattress for two, a Double mattress is best suited for one person. A Double mattress is shorter and narrower than a Queen mattress.

Double Size Bed Dimensions

Double Mattress Sizes Canada

Twin XL Mattress

A Twin XL mattress (38” x 80”) is suited for one person but can be used with another Twin XL mattress to create a standard King size bed.  Once again, a Twin XL mattress can be known as a Single XL mattress. Twin XL mattresses are most commonly used on adjustable bed frames.

Twin XL Size Bed Dimensions

Twin XL Bed Dimensions

Twin Mattress

A Twin mattress (38” x 75”) is the smallest of all standard mattress sizes and suited for one person only. A Twin mattress can also be referred to as a Single mattress. Twin beds are most commonly used by children but can also be used by adults with limited space. Most bunk beds are designed to fit twin sized mattresses.

Twin Size Bed Dimensions

Twin Bed Sizes Canada

Now that you have a better idea on common mattress sizes you can pick the right sized mattress or mattress topper for your needs.