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How to Choose the Correct Pillow for Your Body and Sleep Style

June 13, 2022 3 min read

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Choose the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Style

Although your mattress might be the largest and most important purchase you make in your sleep, your pillow is almost as important as your mattress. Scrunching or folding up your pillow every night in order to get comfortable enough to sleep is a clear indication that you need to update it.

The key to sleeping soundly is good posture. Your mattress goes a long way toward helping with that, but your pillow is also critical to supporting a healthy sleep posture, where your body and spine are in alignment from the knees to the shoulders. Without the right pillow, your spine and body are out of alignment. This causes strain, discomfort, and loss of sleep.

Generally, bed pillows need to be replaced after 18 months. Memory foam pillows usually last longer­­­­–up to three years. Natural pillows can last longer than synthetic pillows, and higher quality pillows will last longer than cheaper ones. If you’re currently using a pillow that is five or six years old, you’re not getting the support you need—and you’re not sleeping as comfortably as you could.

Your pillow gets used about 7-8 hours a night—that’s more than 2,500 hours a year!

How to Choose the Right Pillow

The right pillow is personal. There is no size, shape, or material that fits all. The best way to determine if a pillow is right for you is to establish specific criteria. Start by identifying specific attributes and then go with your gut as to what feels the most comfortable and appropriate for you.

Here are some specific attributes you can start with.


  1. Down– Made from goose or duck down, goose being the softer of the two, allergic reactions can occur in cheaper down pillows if the down is not sufficiently cleaned. Hypodown (or hypoallergenic down) is a combination of thoroughly cleaned down and a natural substance called syriaca, removing allergens and increases the longevity of the pillow.
  2. Synthetic down and polyester fill– These less expensive pillows should be replaced more frequently, flattening with time. These pillows are medium to soft, although less soft than down.
  3. Wool– Wool-filled pillows aren’t just hypoallergenic, they are also more resistant to mould and dust mites. They are effective heat regulators as they “wick” away moisture from your head and neck. These pillows are good at keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are also firmer and more durable for a longer period.
  4. Cotton– These pillows are much like wool in that they are also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mould. These are a good choice for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.
  5. Latex– Latex pillows are those sorts of pillows that you don’t squish into the shape you need. These are often contoured pillows designed for specific support. They are also mould and dust mite resistant. Buy organic latex mattress pillows in Canada
  6. Memory foam– More and more popular in recent years, they form to your individual shape, contouring and spreading weight evenly across their surface, perfect for pressure points that cause discomfort during sleep. They can give off bothersome chemical smells when brand new.

Other Attributes

  • Fill weight: Down and synthetic pillows are lightweight; memory foam and latex are heavier. So, if you like reshaping your pillow, a lightweight pillow may be a better choice.
  • Quality of Fill: Quality typically dictates comfort level. Once you decide which pillow is right for you, select the highest quality your budget will allow.

  • Size: Keeping your sleep posture in alignment is the most important thing. You may opt for a standard size or a larger one if you can remain aligned.

  • Fabric: Cover your pillows with natural breathable fabrics. It extends the life of your pillow and protects it from stains and sweat.

  • Chemistry: Memory foam and polyester are made from a chemical process. Many pillows are put through antimicrobial treatments. Know the chemistry that went into making your pillow

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