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Tailored Organic Latex Mattresses

Offering a distinguished level of comfort and support coupled with the distinctive health benefits of latex rubber, a Nature’s Embrace organic mattress will transform the quality of your sleep night after night. Each mattress is a meticulous blend of various layers of organic latex, handcrafted by our skilled mattress makers to deliver an unparalleled experience. Truly one-of-a-kind.

Driven by Excellence. Crafted with Love.

We believe in the unique art of mattress-making. Driven by excellence, we’ve developed a unique range of organic latex mattresses that provide the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep — a splendid marriage of edge-to-edge support and sublime comfort from head to toe. Using intricate techniques that we’ve honed to perfection over the years, we create mattresses that maximize the inherent properties and benefits of latex rubber while reducing pressure points and providing a supremely adaptable sleeping surface. Enjoy an enveloping sensation of softness, amplified by the delightful springiness of the mattress.

Create Your Perfect Bed with Nature’s Embrace

Each modular organic latex mattress is made up of individually wrapped layers of Organic Dunlop Latex encased in a top-zippered cover. Our innovative design allows you to choose the perfect combination of comfort and support for your unique needs. You can go with one of our recommendations or try your own. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, the layers can be adjusted at home after you’ve slept on the mattress with our Layer Exchange Program. We even give you a discount on additional layers for the life of the mattress should your needs change years from now. It’s more than a mattress. It’s an investment in yourself.

Need more help finding the right mattress for you? We’re one call (or email) away. We can provide expert guidance on choosing the best mattress and guide you through the buying process.