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Organic Latex Mattress in Victoria

An Introduction to Nature's Embrace

Nature's Embrace is a family-owned and operated mattress manufacturer that was established here in Vancouver, BC over 35 years ago. We have since become the largest purveyor of specialized organic latex mattresses for all of western Canada. We manufacture all products in-house. Our mattresses are handmade in Delta, BC and our foundations are made in Canada. We have numerous certifications including the GOLS certification which speaks to wage guidelines for workers and child labour is prohibited. 

With affordable prices and attentive staff, Nature’s Embrace has become the premier location to buy a new organic latex mattress in Victoria, BC. 

Why Choose Nature's Embrace Organic Latex Mattresses in Victoria,  BC?

Our Top Quality Materials

Our materials, first and foremost, are of the utmost calibre of quality. All our mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows are made out of certified organic wool or certified organic latex.


We source our wool from New Zealand shown from free-roaming sheep on New Zealand’s farmland. Our wool is OEKO-TEX certified meaning it is safe from pesticides and other potentially harmful substances. We use Joma wool as batting in our mattresses because it has the bounce, body, and support our bodies need for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Our Dunlop latex comes from small family farms in Kottayam, India that have been in the same families for generations. Our latex is GOLS certified. This means that there is a minimum of 95% organic latex content and 0% synthetic content.

Our Mattresses


Our mattresses have eight different firmness categories ranging from medium to hard. Our mattresses are suited to side, back, and stomach sleepers alike. Weight is distributed evenly throughout our mattresses and since latex doesn’t transmit movements, your sleep won’t be interrupted if your partner doesn’t sleep still. Our mattresses have a high response core giving adaptability to partners of different stature. You’ll have the support you need for deep sleep. You’ll be in awe of the difference one of our mattresses makes when you wake up rejuvenated without a sore back or cranked neck.

The Hevean Signature Series: natural, soft, supple. The Hevean has built-in multi-zone technology and ten inches of organic Dunlop latex. The layers are unbonded which means you can customize your mattress with base layers, transition layers, and comfort layers. Each mattress comes with a zippered cover for comfort adjustments. Its organic cotton cover has pinhole patterns to provide better air circulation which regulates the temperature of your bed.

The Classic Series Organic Latex Mattress: a combination of organic cotton and PureEmbrace wool or Tencel. 2022 called for a new design and the Classic now features unbonded layers and may qualify for our layer exchange program. This is the mattress for those wanting a firmer mattress. This improvement of our Classic Series marries the relief of the Hevean with the firm support of the Classic.

We also offer toppers, bedding, and foundations. Futons are on the horizon.

Buy a Latex Mattress Online from Nature’s Embrace Latex Mattresses in Victoria

Sleep can be difficult to manage as it is. Your bed is the one part of the sleeping process you do have control over. Make an informed decision and choose aNature's Embrace Latex Mattresses. Buya natural latex mattress in Victoria. Most items are handmade to order in our local factory and ship within five business days. Our standard shipping is free across all provinces. We want you to start sleeping soundly on our organic, eco-friendly, ethically made mattresses.