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Nature's Embrace Latex Mattress in a Platform Bed | A Healthier Mattress for a Healthier Sleep

Get a Good Night’s Sleep with a Natural Mattress in Vancouver

Do you want to sleep in comfort? Do you also want to limit your carbon footprint? You may not think that these two concepts go together, but with Nature’s Embrace Latex Mattresses, they do. Now selling natural mattresses in Vancouver, Seattle and Bellevue, Washington, Nature’s Embrace combines a good night’s sleep with environmental friendliness.

We offer products made from organic latex, wool, cotton and other natural materials so that you can have a good night’s sleep without worrying about the implications of using man-made materials. From health benefits to helping the environment, choosing a natural mattress in Vancouver is a great decision.

Mattresses Made from Health Conscious Materials
Most conventional mattresses, including memory foam, are created using harsh chemicals that can be inhaled while sleeping. Mattresses are required to be fire resistant, and for most materials that means adding harsh chemicals. For health purposes, mattresses are also made to be mite and mold resistant. Unfortunately, many mattress materials need chemicals to do this. Some chemicals used are respiratory irritants or can cause headaches and other health issues.

Natural latex mattresses are generally healthier options than conventional mattresses because they don’t require the harsh chemicals other materials need. They also offer superior allergy resistance when compared to other materials such as memory foam. At Nature’s Embrace, our mattresses are certified by Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), meaning we use only organic latex.

Sleep in Comfort with a Natural Mattress
A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be hard to find. There are certain scientific measurements that can be used to determine what the best mattress materials are for your needs. These measurements include density, resilience and support factor. In the past, organic latex wasn’t known for being the most comfortable, but it was known for being durable and healthy. Nature’s Embrace has a team of skilled mattress makers who have been able to maximize the inherent support and comfort characteristics of our natural mattresses without adding synthetic materials. This means you’ll be able to sleep in comfort without compromising your health.

Eco-Friendly, Natural Mattresses in Seattle & Vancouver

At Nature’s Embrace we make our mattresses using natural materials. If you live a lifestyle focused on improving and preserving the planet, our mattresses are perfect for you. When properly harvested, the trees and plants our materials come from provide sustainable and renewable resources, making our beds eco-friendly. Naturally resistant to fire, mould and mildew, these natural fibres require little to no additives to produce the mattress material. Without additives in the mix, our mattresses, bed toppers and pillows are hypoallergenic, insulated, fire resistant, anti-microbial and more—all because we use natural latex, cotton and wool.

Buy a Natural Mattress in Seattle, Vancouver & Bellevue
Don’t compromise the environment or your health for a comfortable night’s sleep. With Nature’s Embrace, you can get a mattress with the perfect combination of comfort and eco-friendliness. Available in both Canada and the U.S., our natural mattresses offer a healthy alternative to the typical mattresses found in stores. Family owned and operated in Delta, British Columbia, Nature’s Embrace is proud to manufacture handmade natural mattresses for residents in Vancouver, Seattle and Bellevue. We don’t sell our products directly to the public, but if you have any questions about our natural mattresses feel free to contact us.

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