The Minuet Coir Mattress

Minuet’s unique blend of coir and organic latex envelops the body in a voluptuously cozy cocoon, creating a distinctly luxurious sensation emblematic of Nature’s Embrace.

Sourced from the picturesque region of Kottayam in India, our organic Dunlop latex is blended with recycled coconut husks to create coir—an exceptionally sturdy and resilient mattress component that ensures a high level of support without compromising on comfort. The coir base layer is enhanced with a transition layer engineered from superior organic latex, and is then topped with a 100% coir comfort layer to provide the firmest mattress option in the Nature’s Embrace collection.

Minuet comes with a bamboo rayon cover quilted with PureEmbrace wool, offering even more comfort for blissfully restful nights.

Top Fabric: Bamboo Rayon
Content: Bamboo Rayon and Polyester
Quilting: PureEmbrace Wool
Base Material: Non-Slip
Zipper: Nylon

Thickness: 6”
Comfort Layer: 2” Coir (Coconut Fiber and Latex)
Transition Layer: 2” GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex
Base Layer: 2” Coir (Coconut Fiber and Latex)
Construction: Multi-Zone
Firmness Rating: 10 – Hard

5/15 Warranty