The Classic 8 Organic Mattress l Nature's Embrace Latex

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Classic 8 Organic Mattress


Meet the Classic 8 Organic, a sophisticated combination of utmost comfort, outstanding support, and delicious springiness. Featuring a solid 6-inch high-response support core made from the purest organic Dunlop latex, the Classic 8 ensures weight is evenly distributed for optimal support in all the right places while providing a distinctive sensation of enveloping comfort. A 2-inch Medium organic Dunlop latex comfort layer sits atop the support core, creating a firm and adaptable surface that translates to a sweet slumber every night. The Classic 8 mattress comes complete with Nature’s Embrace proprietary custom organic fabric cover, which blends organic cotton with temperature-regulating PureEmbrace wool quilting to ensure that all your comfort needs are met — and exceeded.

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Classic 8 Organic Latex Mattress

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