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Classic 8 Latex Mattress


The Classic 8 Latex Mattress encapsulates unrivalled support and comfort, coupled with delightful springiness — a Nature’s Embrace signature. Two layers of pure organic Dunlop mattress — sourced from the picturesque Indian region of Kottayam — have been meticulously assembled to create a sumptuously deep surface that perfectly mirrors the shape of your body. The result is a combination of comfort and support, with just the right amount of springiness for an extra note of luxury and improved resilience.

Shipping Update as of January 13, 2021:

Global ocean freight issues have led to industry wide latex shortages. If you're in a rush or have a specific timeline that needs to be met, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the next shipment arriving soon.

Extra-Firm Classic 8 Mattresses are shipping 4 weeks from the time of order.

Firm Classic 8 Mattresses are shipping 1-2 weeks from the time or order.

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