Latex Mattress Toppers

Distinctive in comfort and support, Nature’s Embrace latex mattress toppers produce a luxuriously voluptuous sensation that envelops your body from the very first moment you lie down. They are a functional and equally beautiful complement to your latex mattress.

Luxuriously Supportive and Indulgently Welcoming

Choose between 2 and 3 inches of pure latex bliss, sized so that it fits atop your bed to perfection. Available in two firmness options, you can easily customize the level of comfort and support to match your sleeping style — and enjoy all the benefits of organic Dunlop latex as well. A selection of covers is also available, including organic cotton, Tencel, and cotton with PureEmbrace wool quilting, each with a unique set of properties that will transform the way your sleep.

  • Organic Cotton: A breathable, comfortable fabric with moisture-absorbent and temperature-regulating properties.
  • Tencel: Highly hygienic and equally cozy, Tencel boasts incredible resilience in the face of long-term use while also providing a silky-soft sleeping surface. Find out more about Tencel here.
  • Cotton and Wool:A sumptuously plush cover that blends the properties of organic cotton with the remarkably insulating and therapeutic qualities of PureEmbrace wool. Learn more about our wool here.

Infinitely Customisable

There’s nothing as delightfully inviting as a mattress topper from Nature’s Embrace. Enhanced with an extra dose of springiness, our mattress toppers add the finishing touch to every sleep experience. Whether you’re looking to tweak the firmness of your bed or just want a generous amount of extra comfort, our mattress toppers are the perfect choice.

We Have Excellence at Heart

Engineered with the greatest care and skill by our expert mattress-makers in Vancouver, our range of mattress toppers add an extra layer of exquisite comfort to your bed. We only use the purest latex rubber in our toppers — and in doing so, we commit ourselves to making a difference to the quality of your life. Because your well-being starts with a good night’s sleep.

Choose Nature’s Embrace with Confidence

Choosing a mattress topper from Nature’s Embrace means investing in your long-term well-being. Shop our available mattress toppers below. Need help finding your perfect match? Our customer care team is always at your service. You can reach out to us with any questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.