The Pastoral Coir Mattress

The pinnacle of organic comfort, Pastoral is the result of an endless quest for perfection through innovation and exceptional craftsmanship. Designed to be used on a wide range of foundation and bed frame options, Pastoral is engineered with an extra-firm coir base topped with two generous organic latex layers to provide a remarkably comfortable sleeping experience time and time again; it’s supportive, yet luxuriously plushy.

With a firmness rating of 4, Pastoral delivers the perfect balance of comfort and resilience, ensuring your body weight is evenly distributed and effectively alleviating pressure as well. The addition of the therapeutic wool-quilted cotton cover makes this mattress even more convenient as it helps to regulate the temperature in your bed and protect you against allergens.

Top Fabric: Nature’s Embrace Custom Organic
Content: 100% GOTS Organic Cotton
Quilting: PureEmbrace Wool
Base Material: Non-Slip
Zipper: Nylon

Thickness: 10”
Comfort Layers: (2) 2” GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex
Transition Layers: (2) 2” GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex
Base Layer: 2” Coir (Coconut Fiber and Latex)
Construction: Multi-Zone
Firmness Rating: 4 – Medium

5/15 Warranty