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Coir Mattresses

The Nature’s Embrace range of coir mattresses blend the firm and supportive qualities of coir with the inherent properties and health benefits of organic Dunlop latex to deliver the ultimate recipe for a good night’s sleep. Unprecedented in design and craftsmanship, our coir mattresses promise years of unparalleled comfort without compromising on support or springiness.

Transform the Way You Sleep

Crafted from recycled coconut husks blended with organic latex, the Nature’s Embrace selection of coir mattresses maximise the benefits of organic latex while providing a more affordable option as well.

Well reputed around the world for its numerous health benefits, coconut is in very high demand at this moment. As part of our commitment to you and the environment, we use only coconut husks that would have been otherwise discarded, therefore helping to minimise waste and offering the same level of quality, too. Our Dunlop latex is also sourced and produced in the Kottayam region of India and certified through GOLS to guarantee its purity and provenance.

By blending high-quality coconut husks into our products, we can offer you a mattress that is firm and still retains the excellent level of comfort of Dunlop latex — all with a more convenient price tag.

From Heavenly Soft to Exceptionally Supportive

Nature’s Embrace takes great pride in the quality of the coir mattresses we produce. That’s why we’re offering a diverse range of firmness options, going from 4 to 10, so that you can find one that is just perfect for you. Whether you prefer a softer mattress or a much firmer and highly supportive one, you’re sure to find it in Nature’s Embrace range.

The transition layer of our mattresses is what determines their level of firmness — while a latex transition layer maximises the benefits of organic latex and offers a springier sensation, a coir one adds to the firmness of the mattress, which is ideal for stomach sleepers.

Say Yes to a Coir Mattress from Nature’s Embrace

Ready to experience the benefits of a Nature’s Embrace coir mattress for yourself? Explore our products below and find your very favourite one in our store. Need guidance on selecting the right mattress for you? Our customer happiness team is always on hand to answer your questions and provide helpful advice. 


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