Coir Mattresses

A coir mattress blends rubberized coir with organic latex to create a hard mattress. If you want a natural latex mattress that is very firm, our coir mattresses are a great option.

Coir (coconut fibre) is a fibrous material derived from the husk of the coconut. The demand for coconut related products has risen dramatically in recent years. From coconut oil to coconut water, coconut is in high demand due to its health benefits. All our Coir is made from husks which would otherwise be discarded.

To be used as a mattress material the coir is combined with latex rubber to create rubberized coir (coconut rubber). This combination provides a mattress material that is very firm and breathable.

Another benefit of Coir is that it can also be used as a foundation pad, allowing you to use a latex mattress on a wider range of mattress foundations. Our Pastoral and Interlude mattresses have a Coir base layer built into the mattress, yet still retain the comfort of organic latex.