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Mattress Foundation


The best mattress in the world won’t be comfortable, supportive, or last if it’s not placed on the right foundation. Foundations create a layer of support for the mattress itself so the mattress has a firm base. This helps keep it from sagging or creating poor alignment for your body. You get a better sleep experience and your mattress lasts as long as it can.  

Our free standing mattress foundation is ideal for those who want the ultimate in minimalist design. Most foundations and mattresses require some sort of frame around them in order to be comfortable and functional. The free standing foundation comes in a low or standard profile and is all the support your mattress needs.  Our standard foundation comes without the legs and is meant to be used in conjunction with a metal frame.

Special pricing is available when you purchase a foundation with some mattresses. The items must ship at the same time. Please contact us for more information.

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