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Natural Latex Mattresses in Vancouver

When you purchase a mattress, you make a large investment in your health and relaxation. You deserve something comfortable and durable that is worth the price you pay. When you need a new bed that gives you better sleep, trust Nature's Embrace Latex Mattresses to provide the right mattress for you. Shop for a natural latex mattress in Vancouver or one of our many other locations!

Select One of Our Latex Mattresses in Vancouver

Latex is known for its support and natural strength. Our proprietary layering system mixes latex and bio-foam to provide comfort, regulate temperature, and absorb moisture.

We offer several types of latex mattresses, which range from our entry-level Amoroso mattress to our multi-core Amore mattress. Browse our selection to find a mattress that matches your personal tastes and preferences.

Learn About Our Organic Selection

If you could pluck every household item straight from nature’s grasp, you would. Instead, take advantage of the next best thing: choose a Nature’s Embrace natural latex mattress in Vancouver. We offer multiple thicknesses depending on your different needs.

Discover Which Mattress Type Best Fits Your Needs

At Nature’s Embrace Latex Mattresses, we’ve got sleep comfort down to a science. If you seek deep and uplifting support in a mattress, find it amongst our selection. Call us at 1-877-736-3553 to learn more about our sleep products, then visit our location page to find a retailer near you.

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