The Benefits of Sleeping on an Organic Latex Mattress

Natural, organic latex mattresses have steadily grown in popularity over the last decade. While non-organic latex mattresses are made by blending latex from the sap of the rubber tree with polyurethane-based chemicals and filler, organic natural latex mattresses leave these chemicals out.

Without synthetic polyurethane blending, producers are able to make organic, sustainable, and completely vegan latex mattresses. On top of offering consumers a "green" option, natural latex mattresses also offer a good night's sleep.

There are numerous benefits to be had from sleeping on a latex mattress from Nature's Embrace, which has been providing organic latex mattress in Kelowna and Vancouver for over 30 years. Organic latex mattresses are:

One of the biggest benefits of choosing organic latex mattresses for your Kelowna or Vancouver home is that they are, quite simply, very comfortable. Many people are completely sold on latex mattresses after laying down on one just a single time.

Upon lying down, latex mattresses feel incredibly comfortable. As your body sinks into one, however, the mattress begins to firm up and conform to your body shape, providing support for your entire frame. Latex is often chosen by people who experience pain on pressure points such as shoulders and hips while sleeping.

The comfort of a latex mattress comes at no expense to its durability. While other mattresses begin to lose their shape over time, latex mattresses are dense and don't pack down. Latex mattresses often present a larger investment on the outset, but they easily outlast other mattress options. In the time that your latex mattress remains comfortable and firm, you could easily go through two or even three innerspring mattresses.

Motion Isolating
Latex mattresses are a fantastic choice for couples who sleep side-by-side because they have excellent motion-isolating properties, making for a more peaceful sleep with less sleep disturbances. Latex absorbs any movements from one side of the mattress and doesn't pass it on to the other, allowing you to get to sleep and stay asleep despite someone else's tossing and turning.

Do you often find that you get congested while you sleep? Most regular mattresses can harbour all sorts of allergens, dust mites, mould, and mildew, causing your allergies to act up and possibly even contributing to making you sick. Natural latex is resistant to microorganisms and other allergens, and may be an important part of the solution for clearing up your sinuses.

Find the Perfect Latex Mattress for You in Kelowna and Vancouver
If you live in Vancouver or Kelowna and are looking for organic latex mattresses, then Nature's Embrace is sure to have what you need. Our selection of latex mattresses offers versatility, comfort, durability, allergy relief, and, most importantly of all, a peaceful night's sleep.

If you have any questions, concerns, or if you'd like to see our latex mattresses for yourself, just visit a Nature's Embrace organic latex mattress dealer near you. You can also get in touch with Nature's Embrace directly by phone or online.

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